Curriculum Mapping with Google Workspace

The updated Google Workspace Add-on approach is located here.

Curriculum Mapping with Google Workspace is a free approach to documenting and organizing your school’s curriculum planning documents. At its core, Curriculum Mapping with Google Workspace consists of an internal Google Docs add-on, numerous little apps scripts, an embeddable Data Studio table and a Google Site to host everything. Once you’re up and running, very little maintenance is needed. Should you need additional mentoring in developing your platform I can provide various levels of paid support.

Click here to open the interactive Google Drawing displayed below

By using Google Workspace, teachers are provided with an easy-to-use interface for curriculum mapping. No extra logins are needed and because you build it yourself, you’re in charge of your own data. While having some coding background is helpful, I’ve tried to layout the approach in a way that is accessible to all. It’s also important to note this has been a collaborative effort, benefitting from the contributions of many talented Google Workspace users in our Google Currents Community. I’ve tried to consolidate those ideas into a foundational starting point, intended to be modified according to your needs. This is an ongoing project and I encourage you to join our community and share ideas for further development and exploration.