For schools interested in a low cost solution for Curriculum Mapping, I can help you build an internal, customized Google Workspace Add-on. Because it’s internal, none of your data is going to a third party and you get to use the tools you and your staff already know how to use.

The add-on is grounded in Google Drive, but works with Docs, Sheets, and Calendar to extend its functionality. All documents are managed via a Shared Drive, ensuring that files are stored and organized exactly where they should be. You can develop your own template or multiple templates to document your curriculum and each unit planner can be updated year to year with a few short clicks. Every unit planner also comes with a Resource Folder, that also lives in a shared drive folder that can house lesson plans, assessments and any other relevant material. The add-on is equipped with a scheduled re-listing of all unit planners in a Google Sheet to pull all of the latest information, including unit planner names and last updated dates. Unit Planners may be organized into subfolders according to your own preferences. Moreover, I connect that dynamic Google Sheet to a robust Looker Studio Dashboard to help you run reports and analyze your curriculum.

Where are current subscribers?

How much does it cost?

Curriculum Mapping for Google Workspace can be purchased for $500 renewable each year, plus an additional one-time consulting fee of $500 to get you up and running and $250 per additional school within the same Google Workspace domain. This is thousands of dollars less than what you may already be paying for a similar tool that’s less integrated with Google Workspace than you’d like. It generally takes about 4 hours for me to stand-up and deploy your add-on to your stakeholders as I guide you through the whole process. My general availability is from 4-6pm EST during the week and can be available on some weekends as well. The video below highlights some of its features and I routinely update the code base to optimize performance. When you purchase, you will also be invited to my Google Spaces community where I’ll announce new features or updates and take feature requests into consideration and address bugs.

To keep up with the latest developments follow me on Twitter @randersontech and on LinkedIn.

UPDATES: Since publishing this video there is now a template gallery built into the add-on and direct access to unit planners based on the logged in user. See screenshots below.