Employee Portfolios: An Internal Google Workspace Add-on for managing goal setting, observations, reflections and more.

A common practice in schools is to centralize an annual goal setting process for its employees and is often connected to whole school initiatives or self-identified areas for improvement. Likewise, there is usually a schedule of key dates for having completed observations, mid-cycle meetings and reflections. Platforms such as Folio Collaborative and PowerSchool help schools manage this process by storing and organizing all of the data that goes into this effort as well as providing professional development. What might this process look like if we turned to mighty Google Workspace to internally craft and design our own process?

Employee Portfolios is a project of mine that shows how I would do this with Google Workspace. Because this project is full of features and automation designed to simplify processes using known tools, the focus can be on the content as opposed to remembering where to click and what steps to follow to complete what’s expected of you. The video below is intended to share some of that user experience.

In the interest of time, I didn’t go into the admin tools in the video, but I approached building the admin tools with the same attention to details regarding ease of you and automation. For example, it’s very easy to archive departing faculty/staff members in bulk and just as easy to “attach” a new supervisor to multiple employees.

Update: Employee Portfolios now supports PD Requests.