Google Calendar and Webcal Feeds

Approximately 3 years ago I wrote a post on using Apps Script to copy events from a calendar feed to your primary Google Calendar. The purpose was to efficiently and accurately get a teacher’s class schedule onto their Google Calendar. Teacher’s schedules are not often conducive to the recurrence options in Google Calendar so I set off looking for a better way. While the solution I developed worked, it required more maintenance on my end than I wanted and it had to be done over the course of an entire day to fully populate a teacher’s calendar while avoiding event creation quota errors.

Having grown as a developer I revisited this idea and created a much more efficient and hands-off approach to accomplishing this goal. This updated app leverages the Calendar API and a batch processing library that is explained here to quickly add calendar events with minimal processing costs.

This approach requires that users first add their schedule’s webcal feed to Google Calendar, then establish a date range for copying events. This means once the feed has been added, the app can be used in subsequent years/semesters with no maintenance from me. Here is a demonstration of the app:

You can access and use the app here, but know that it’s not been verified by Google, so you will see those warnings before authorizing the app. Also, this version excludes any event with the word School in it. I did this to avoid all of the All Day events in the dataset I was working with. If you’d like the source code to further develop and deploy your own solution internally in your own environment please reach out for purchasing options.

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