DIY Sign-up Manager

If you host a lot of free virtual events, managing registrations and sending calendar invites can quickly become an administrative nightmare. With some help with a little Apps Script we can automate most of this work. Google Forms have become so ubiquitous that it’s a logical starting point for any registration form. Google Calendar makes it easy to share event information with participants including any Google Meet or Zoom links and resources. It also makes it easy to send a message to all attendees should there be a last minute change.

Given the strengths of these two Google Workspace Apps, I propose they join forces via a DIY Google Workspace Add-on. The main logic behind this is creating a dedicated events calendar, then populating a Google Form with events from that calendar. When an individual selects an event ( or multiple events) during the registration process it will automatically invite them to that calendar event. Then send them email reminding them to accept the Google Calendar invites.

What might I want to modify? Well, the current code scans for events up to 3 months in the future from today’s date. You may want to increase or decrease that window as needed. Also, you may prefer just to use your own default calendar. In that case, you will need to add a search parameter (i.e. #learnwithme) or some other string of text to the title of each event that will distinguish your events from your events on offer, otherwise you may have people signing-up to join you at the dentist! Here is a video demonstration: