Digital Badges with Google Forms, Sheets and Data Studio

Google Forms, Sheets and Data Studio can be used to manage your micro-credentialing needs. The interactive example below shows how digital badges can be conditionally displayed in a Data Studio table and embedded on your website. In this case, only when %100 percent of achievements have been completed will a badge be displayed. All data and updates are submitted through Google Form submissions. If you would like to build this solution, you can hire me to help you build it.

Another Datastudio table with restricted permissions is used by admins to update the content from a Google Form submission. See screenshot below.

Here is a screenshot of Frank’s achievement form. All of the achievement descriptors are completely customizable.

1 thought on “Digital Badges with Google Forms, Sheets and Data Studio

  1. Elizabeth Lilla

    I have started using this system for the training program at my business. We have over 100 employees and struggled to find a solution to track their progress through the training program. This is the perfect solution! The integration from forms to sheets to Data Studio keeps everything in one system rather than having to use an additional login for tracking. My staff loves the badges and have expressed great satisfaction when they can see their progress visually. Thank you! Great work!

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