Bulk Delete Specific Google Calendar Events

For many of us, we rely on Google Calendar to help us structure our work days. It does a lot of things really well, but one limitation is the ability to bulk delete specific events. You import a calendar, then a change is made to your schedule and suddenly you’re left with several meaningless events on your calendar and your only recourse is to delete them one by one.

Fortunately, a little bit of apps script can help with this process. I put together this web app that allows you to bulk delete events based on their title. Simply make your own copy, adjust the date range in the code, then deploy as a web app.

Apps Script for Web App to Bulk Delete Specific Calendar Events.

This script methodically deletes each event within the date range you’ve specified in the code. It should be noted that the script will throw an error if you’re deleting a lot of events, but simply re-run it again a few minutes later. A better, and more efficient approach would be to use batch processing, but as a fairly novice coder I haven’t learned how to implement that yet. Below is a video demonstrating the apps functionality.