Approval Workflow Add-ons for Everything

Think of all the paper forms you still use in your school or organization that require an approval process. Does it really need to be a paper based system? Think of all the time you could save by digitizing the entire process down to the required signatures, receipts and any other documents.

I’ve created a couple of internal Google Docs add-ons designed specifically for the purpose of digitizing paper based workflows. The example below illustrates how one internal add-on recreates a paper based check request form, and another facilitates the approval process for that form.

Here is the sequence of events:

  1. Start from the Check Request Form that lives in your organization’s internal Template Gallery.
  2. Launch Check Request internal Add-on, that loads a Google Form in Sidebar
  3. Submit the Form
  4. Confirm that data merged correctly, modify as needed.
  5. Share with editing rights to supervisor/approver.
  6. Supervisor/approver signs digitally using Approve or Deny internal add-on

If this project interests you, or any other on this site let’s discuss how I can mentor you in developing customizable internal add-ons and scripts for your own environment.