Assessment Tracking with Google Workspace

Are you sitting on a lot of assessment data about your students? Do you wish you had a centralized means of analyzing that data through individual and collective lenses? While assessment data shouldn’t be treated as the holy grail to understanding how our students are faring academically, it’s a data point worth exploration.

I’ve developed a tracking system using Google Sheets and Forms for data intake and upload, while using Data Studio for analysis. The design is simple, yet effective. An internal Google Sheets add-on generates a roster for a given class, including historical rosters. The data is entered directly into the Google Sheet, which is then downloaded as a csv file and uploaded to the database via a Google Form file upload. A separate Google Sheet can be used to track which assessments have already been uploaded.

Google Data Studio allows me build data-rich visualizations that can be filtered to show growth over time through a number of different lenses. Watch the video below to learn more.

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